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Bergamot Essential Oil: Your Natural Antidepressant & Many More Uses

Bergamot orange, also known as Citrus Bergamia is an extremely strange fruit. In terms of appearance, it is a cross between an orange and a lemon. It’s a citrus fruit, and even though it’s not as popular as oranges it’s the source of a really powerful essential oil that is extracted from its rind.

History of Bergamot Oil

Named after the city where it was first grown, Bergamot is a fascinating fruit. It is yellow when ripe, and that’s the perfect time to extract the oil from it. It is so deep rooted in history that even Christopher Columbus was known to bring Bergamot trees back from his voyage to the Canary Islands. Bergamot essential oil has been highly value since back in the day for its use in perfumes, and even tea!

Although the fruit originates from Asia, the oil extracted from it was first sold in Italy. The essential oil existed within the Italian culture for many years as a medicine. Although it initially was used as medicine, the oil gained much greater popularity for its use in perfumes. The Bergamot tree can also be found in Morocco, Ivory Coast and the Netherlands. In fact, the oil is extremely popular in the Netherlands as a fragrance, in teas, and even in beers. So it’s no surprise that they are a great source of high quality Bergamot oil.

The oil is extracted by a fairly simple process. The extraction involves cold-pressing the rind of the Bergamot orange with a hydraulic press to release the oil. Bergamot essential is most popular as one of the main ingredients of Eau de Cologne. But this oil is much more than just great smelling and it also blends well with Lemongrass Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil and Patchouli Essential Oil. From helping with digestion and pain relief to acting as an antibiotic, there’s a whole lot to know about this oil aptly named the Italian Wonder!

So how has this oil existed for centuries? Well, it’s definitely worth taking a deeper dive into the world of Bergamot essential oil and how it’s great for you! Here’s a run-down of some of the great uses and characteristics of Bergamot essential oil:

A Great Antibiotic!

Bergamot oil is an excellent natural antibiotic and a disinfectant. It helps fight against germs or any sorts of viruses just like antibiotics we get from pharmacies. For great benefits on your skin, just add some of the oil to your soaps or bath and let it work wonders for you! Your skin will stay fresher and be protected from any potential infections as the oil stops any germs from growing. That’s not even the whole story; this essential oil is also beneficial for fighting away infections in your digestive system.

An Antiseptic Too!

Like many of the essential oils we have discussed in our blogs, Bergamot essential oil contains antibiotic and disinfectant characteristics. These same characteristics make the oil great for taking care of wounds, skin scratches or any itchiness! In the case of wounds, the oil can get rid of germs and stop any infections from occurring or spreading. This allows any wounds to heal faster and better. It’s also great for your skin too! You’ll never have to worry about what chemicals you’re using on your skin because Bergamot oil is a natural solution.


Whenever we get headaches or any type of pain, we all resort to over the counter painkillers. But we often forget about the side effects of using such painkillers in the long run which includes potential liver damage, ulcers or problems in the kidney.

If you’re dealing with any types of pain in your body, Bergamot oil is an excellent and natural way to provide some relief to that pain. The oil provokes secretion of hormones in your body that allows you to be less sensitive to the pain, meaning you will feel less affected! Normally, with such headaches or pain we resort to store bought medicine that contains a bunch of unrecognizable ingredients. Some painkiller medicines have long term side effects that may negatively affect and harm your kidneys and liver. This is what makes Bergamot essential the best painkiller, because it’s natural and completely harmless!

Helps You Digest Better

Have you just come out of a weekend of binging on rich foods? Is your stomach about to go over the edge with distress? Eating large quantities of unhealthy foods or spicy foods could cause churning pain in your stomach the next day. It’s worse if you’re constipated and can’t seem to get any relief. Don’t worry; Bergamot can fix you up! The oil is a popular digestive in Chinese medicine. That means this oil has been curing stomach problems since ancient times! What the oil does is stimulate the digestive juices in your stomach to allow faster and smoother digestion. If you have any gas related pains in your gut, Bergamot oil is perfect for relieving you of any such discomforts!

Puts You to Sleep

Bergamot oil is a great essential oil to help you relax, or even go to sleep. A lot of us have gone through nights when no matter what we did, we just couldn’t fall asleep. Sometimes the lack of sleep extended into insomnia episodes going into weeks or even months. In such circumstances, a little bit of aroma therapy with Bergamot oil can do your body and mind wonders! The oil can help calm you down, help you relax and relieve any tension. The oil is a natural sedative! So, anytime you can’t catch a good night’s sleep, turn down the lights and inhale the scents of Bergamot essential oil!


We’ve already established that Bergamot oil is a great sedative! But, it also has the characteristics to make you feel better mentally as it helps fight feelings of anxiety and depression by promoting the secretion of hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. If you’re depressed or feeling low, using Bergamot oil makes you feel fresher and happier naturally. The characteristics of the oil along with its fragrance make it an excellent natural solution to achieving positive moods and staying happy.

Fixes Your Skin

Skin problems are extremely common! So much so that there’s a wide array of soaps and lotions that cater to such issues. We often depend on superstores for our source of skin care products over natural solutions. Try out some Bergamot oil instead!

Bergamot essential has been popularly used in cosmetics for a long time. There’s more than one reason why! The oil is great for taking care of any scars you have on your skin. It also makes your skin appear fresher and more aesthetically attractive. It helps maintain your native skin tone and is also great for treating acne. A great way to use the oil is to mix it with your lotions and soaps and applying it on your skin!


We’ve already mentioned how Bergamot essential oil is an often used ingredient in perfumes since ancient times. The reason is, it smells great! With the combined powers of its great fragrance and disinfecting characteristics, Bergamot oil makes for an excellent natural deodorant! The oil helps stop the growth of germs that cause the odor while leaving you with a citrusy smell, which could overshadow any bad body odors.

The properties of Bergamot oil not only make it a great deodorant, it can also be used as a great natural air freshener in your home! That’s what makes the oil special. Go ahead and freshen up your house with the citrusy scents of Bergamot oil. It’ll freshen up the aura in your house and boost up the spirits of everyone in your home too.

Could Lower Your Fever

Being a natural antibiotic makes Bergamot oil great for reducing fevers! First off, the antibiotic characteristics of the oil allow fighting against infections and bacteria causing the fever. Secondly, when the oil is applied to your body, it helps lower your body’s temperature. Additionally, Bergamot oil stimulates your metabolism. By these various effects, the oil is able to help you fight and reduce your fever and help you feel much better and refreshed!

Kills Germs & Parasites

Bergamot oil is excellent at getting rid of germs wherever applied. This makes the oil an awesome mouthwash that leaves your mouth smelling great and germ free!

A common problem found among children is parasites in the intestine which could lead to malnourishment. It’s a major issue that Bergamot oil can help fight. Rubbing a few drops of bergamot oil onto your abdomen kills these worms and other such parasites that have been living in your intestines. This is especially great for children who commonly face such intestinal problems!

Muscle Relaxer

We’ve all had days where we had to go through some severe body aches. It could be from working at out at the gym the day before or bad sleeping positions. If you can relate, then you know that muscle pains are the worst! If you’ve got muscle cramps or any type of painful spasmodic reactions, Bergamot essential oil is the solution to your problems! Because of the oils antispasmodic characteristics, it’s also great for providing relief to people with asthma or with continuous coughs.

But before you go ahead in indulge in the benefits of Bergamot oil; here are a few precautions that you should take:

  • Remember to always keep the oil out of reach of children! This is important because accidentally swallowing large amounts of the oil could be very dangerous and potentially fatal.
  • If you are currently pregnant or are in the breast-feeding phase, please do not use bergamot oil on your skin.
  • If you have sensitive skin, Bergamot oil can cause your skin to burn when under sunlight. If you do plan to use the oil on your skin, be sure to stay out of the sunlight and in a safe zone!
  • Although Bergamot oil is great for lowering your blood sugar levels, it may sometimes lower your blood sugar levels way too much which is also dangerous!
  • If you are supposed to go into surgery in the near future, it is advised to stop using bergamot oil at least 2 weeks prior to the surgery. This is because Bergamot oil may lower your blood sugar and may be a hindrance to a successful surgery!

There’s always ongoing research on the multiple benefits that these essential oils bring in, and bergamot is definitely one of them. This oil gives us various reasons to avoid artificial products and medicines and go natural! From helping you to sleep and relieving digestive issues all the way to helping your skin heal and smell better, Bergamot oil has the solution to it all! We’ve already highlighted how it’s great for the body and a great mood booster. It hasn’t been titled Italian Wonder for nothing! There are definitely many reasons as to why this oil has been revered as much for such a long time!

This oil truly represents what essential oils stand for, which is a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. Bergamot essential oil has qualities that can improve the health of the body, the mind and also create a healthy environment for you and your family to live in. It’s important for us to be more aware of such natural solutions. For instance, if we look at skin problems, we often choose to use creams or lotions that have a bunch of ingredients in them that we don’t recognize. They may or may not be causing our skin damage in the long run, but we would never know. In those circumstances, if we chose to incorporate a natural solution like Bergamot oil, not only are we getting the cure but we are staying far and free from any potential side effects! This same ideology applies to every other problem that can be fixed with Bergamot oil. There’s no reason for us to settle for an unknown artificial solution when we can opt for a natural solution which we recognize and know what it contains.



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