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The Ancient History of Cedarwood Oil: The Uses & Benefits

Cedarwood essential oil, also known sometimes as cedar oil is a truly beneficial and anciently popular health essential. The oil comes from the Pinaceae or pine family of trees that are known to last very long. The wood from these trees and the oil was used by Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and many more of the civilizations from the past. To emphasize on the word ancient, Cedar trees have also been mentioned in the Bible. Having been used for centuries, there must be something special to Cedarwood, and we’re going to help you find that out.

Like many other essential oils, Cedarwood oil is extracted via the process of steam distillation of wood and leaves from Cedar trees. Why Cedarwood oil has existed throughout various civilizations cannot be boiled down to one reason.  This ‘woody’ scented oil has much to offer and is great for the preservation of your dental health, hair health and skin health. It’s great for fighting infections and even helps clean out the toxins from your body. These aren’t even all the benefits this oil brings to the table, but it’s very apparent why it has existed in cultures across the globe for so many years.

The Ancient History of Cedarwood Oils:

As we’ve mentioned above, Cedarwood oil was popular among the people of Ancient Egypt. What they would do is they’d soak papaya leaves in the oil which would help to keep the mosquitoes away. But that’s not all; the Egyptians also used the oil to mummify the dead.

It’s hard to say when the oil was first used because a lot of history is undocumented. It’s not just the Egyptians and Sumerians though, there’s a long history of the tree and oil being popular among the Romans, the Chinese and even the Greek. It definitely sparks some curiosity into why all these civilizations chose to treat this essential oil with such high regard.

As of now, the highest quality of Cedarwood oil within the United States is only available from Texas. It’s relatively rare now compared to the past due to lower quality Chinese Cedarwood oil crowding the market. We’ve got a great source that is dedicated to only selling the best quality of Cedarwood oil. You can find it here.

Let’s take a look at what makes Cedarwood oil so special!

There’s a whole list of ways to use Cedarwood oil and reap its benefits. Some may really surprise you.

Natural Antiseptic

If you’ve cut yourself or have a wound that you fear might attract an infection, apply some Cedarwood oil onto the affected area. The antiseptic characteristics of this essential oil makes it great for treating small scale wounds without having to visit the doctor. What the oil will do is prevent any infections by getting rid of germs and keeping the wound clean. As an alternative method, you could also add the oil into antiseptic creams and rub on the affected area for similar effect.

Antifungal Properties

Cedarwood oil is the perfect remedy for people with skin disorders such aspeeling skin or any type of fungus growth on their body. It’s also great for people dealing with eczema. It’s really easy to use the oil! You can simply mix it with your lotions or soaps for use or you could prepare a bath with a few drops of the oil. The antifungal properties of Cedarwood oil can do wonders for your skin while removing any fungi or infections. So, the next time your skin is feeling itchy, try out one of these remedies.

Good for your muscles

When we go through a massive change in our body weight, we tend to end up with regions of loose skin and muscles on our body. This ruins the aesthetics of your body and may make you appear physically abnormal. It could also be really harmful to your self-esteem!

Cedarwood oil is great for tightening up those parts of the skin and muscle to give you the look you want. Massaging the oil around various parts of your body including your arms, chest, abs and any sore muscles will give you a relaxing sensation while helping to maintain your body’s aesthetics.

So if you have a lot of loose skin from losing weight, don’t rush to get a surgery done. Instead, give the natural remedy of Cedarwood oil a try.

Get sleep when you need it

If you’re having trouble sleeping, you should definitely invest into Cedarwood oils. Why? Because it’s one of the best natural sedatives that can help relax your mind and get you the sleep you need. Additionally, the scents released inCedarwood aromatherapy can help calm down any anxiety or stress that you may be feeling and tone down any depressive thoughts. The next time you’re feeling down and low, put a few drops of Cedarwood oil into boiling water and inhale the fragrance to improve your mood and mind state.

Reduce hair loss

A lot of you out there may be concerned with hair and scalp related issues. If you’re worried about hair loss, you can try mixing in some Cedarwood oil with your shampoo or conditioner and watch it work wonders for your hair. It’s great for your scalp, will make your hair appear fresher and also smells nice! You could also just rub in the oil directly into your hair a half hour before taking a shower for the same effect.

Forget rogaine or other similar drugs that are known to have side effects. Try out the natural remedies of this oil! It will help stimulate your hair follicles, noticeably slow down your hair loss and also promote hair growth.

If you’re dealing with a dry scalp, what you could do is mix some Cedarwood oil with coconut oil and massage your scalp with it. Doing this will help increase circulation on your scalp and will moisturize the skin on your head. This will help improve the health of your scalp while moisturizing the skin and removing any dryness.

Fight Arthritis

Cedarwood oil is a great natural remedy for people dealing with arthritis. There’s multiple ways to go about it when using the oil.You could inhale the essence of the oil from its bottle or you could apply it directly onto your skin. Cedarwood oil helps with toning down any skin inflammations by reducing any stiffness in your joints. You could even add a few drops of Cedarwood essential oil into your bath for similar effects and a more relaxing experience.

Smells Great!

Add a few drops of Cedarwood oil to your perfume and let the woody fragrance shine out! You’ll smell great and have people keep asking you what brand of perfume you’re using. You might even impress that girl/guy you’ve been meaning to ask out!

That’s not all, inhaling the smell of Cedarwood oil is known to have therapeutic benefits that helps calm you down, fights anxiety and relaxes your mind. This fragrant essential oil could be the natural air freshener you’ve always needed. So go ahead, surround yourself with the smells of Cedarwood!

Protect Your Respiratory System

It’s no surprise that Cedarwood oil is good for fighting respiratory issues such as asthma. We discussed the benefits of inhaling the fragrance of the oil. The essence of the oil helps calm your asthma down and provides your respiratory system with the relaxing feeling that it needs.

If you’ve been having chronic coughs and you feel like you have a lot of phlegm that you need to get rid of, ruba few drops of Cedarwood oil onto your chest and throat for a couple of minutes. The oil can help you get rid of all that phlegm and reduce the congested feeling that you have in your respiratory tract.

Keep Your Menstrual Cycle in Check

Cedarwood oil is very beneficial for ladies who are dealing with menstruation issues. By simply inhaling the essence of the oil, you can help stimulate your menstrual cycle and bring back its regularity. This is a very important benefit especially since irregular menstrual cycles can be highly frustrating for women in their day to day lives.

Get Rid of Nasty Insects

All those mosquitoes flying around your house are not supposed to be there, get rid of them! There’s two ways to go about getting rid of those flying vermin. If you rub some of the Cedarwood oil onto your skin, you’ll be able to repel any insects and stay itch free. Analternative method to using Cedarwood oil would be spraying via the use of a vaporizer, which will steer away any mosquitoes in your area. The advantages of using this oil over store bought aerosol sprays are that it smells great, and it’s a natural solution. You won’t have to worry about spraying any harmful chemicals inside your house.

Calm Down! Don’t Worry Too Much

It’s no surprise that Cedarwood essential oil has the characteristics of a sedative due to its calming fragrance. The oil also promotes and boosts the production of serotonin in a person’s body. This brings greater balance to serotonin levels in your body and in turn reduces the possibilities of depression. This serotonin is furthermore converted into melatonin that can calm a person down and help with providing a healthy dose of sleep.

Whenever you feel like the worries of the world are weighing down on your mind, know that inhaling the smell of Cedarwood oil or rubbing the oil on your forehead can totally calm you down. Even if you don’t feel any tension within you, turning to cedarwood oil for relaxing yourself promotes better mental and physical health in the long run. You don’t need a reason to relax, just do it!

Fight Away Acne

Acne is a common problem around the world. It affects a lot of people whether it is children during puberty, after puberty and even towards adulthood. A lot of people don’t even consider it a problem while others use various store-bought creams and lotions to try to rid themselves of their spotted aesthetics.

We’ve already addressed above that Cedarwood oil is great for your skin and this is another benefit the oil has. It helps fight against acne. By mixing the oil into your lotions, soaps or face washes you are able to fight away all the dust on your skin and get rid of the acne spots on your face. You don’t necessarily have to mix the oil with your soaps or lotions; you could also opt for applying it directly onto your skin on the affected areas.

It doesn’t end there, the oil helps rejuvenate your skin making it appear fresher and cleaner and giving you that youthful feel.

What’s so special about these essential oils?

There’s a wide range of essential oils that exist around the globe. Each of them comes with their own unique benefits. What’s great about these oils is that they provide a natural remedy to contribute to your everyday health and wellness. Cedarwood oil is no different and it has the cure to many problems. Let’s take store bought mosquito repellants for example. We often depend on store bought aerosol sprays to get rid of insects, but we are completely unaware of the chemicals the spray contains and what the ramifications of using these chemicals are. On the flip side, Cedarwood oil is a completely organic product obtained from our natural environment. It is completely safe to use while being effective at getting rid of all the flies in your house. The same goes for the many other benefits of using this oil. Cedarwood oil also blends with other essential oils such Lavender Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Bergamot Essential Oil that could help you sleep better, promote hair growth, relieve headaches and make for a great perfume respectively!

We can depend on Cedarwood oil to heal our wounds and also heal our skin which exhibits the diversity of this oil’s benefits. So when you receive the option of choosing something artificial and widely available or something natural, always go natural!

Due to the lack of awareness regarding such essential oils, we don’t find many households incorporating this into their lives. The ability to repel mosquitoes is only one use out of the many others that can help improve the quality of your life.



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