Great Wonders of Mandarin Essential Oil: Benefits, Uses, & Recipes (Updated April 2020)

Mandarin essential oil is loved by aromatherapists all over the world for its excellent aroma and therapeutic benefits. Additionally, it’s considered to be one of the mildest citrus essential oils, which also means it’s packed with a ton of advantages for your skin. Mandarin essential oil is great if you want to brighten your skin, battle acne, and even make your skin look younger.

Most people believed that the mandarin was an altered version or a hybrid of the orange fruit, given its appearance. However, scientists found that the mandarin fruit was actually one of the core ancestral citrus groups. This means that it wasn’t derived from any other fruit and was, instead, an entire species of its own.

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The History of Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin Essential Oil Is Extracted from the Fruits' PeelsThe mandarin fruit is a citrus fruit that resembles the orange fruit, but it's actually not a hybrid of oranges unlike what most folk used to believe

The history of mandarin essential oil is just as rich as the health benefits that you can get from it.

In 1805, the mandarin fruit was brought to Europe from China by a historian named Sir Abraham Hume. It was first introduced to England, then Malta, Sicily, and Italy, respectively. The mandarin fruit grew popular, and the plant or tree was cultivated until it evolved into an entire species of what’s now called Mediterranean mandarin.

These days, there are more than 30 species of the mandarin fruit. The Mediterranean mandarin became dominantly cultivated in Italy and was extracted of its essential oil for its various health and beauty benefits. Thus, Italy became one of the largest exporters of mandarin essential oil, together with France, New Zealand, and others.


Uses and Benefits of Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin Essential Oil is popular for its uplifting and calming characteristics, but there's a lot more to the picture. From antiseptic characteristics to being a digestive stimulant, mandarin oil has a wide range of uses that we may or may not have heard. A lot of them might just surprise you.

To show you the power of this great essential oil, we've compiled some of its greatest characteristics and how they may benefit your health.


1. Antiseptic Benefits

Cuts and bruises are so common, especially with children. Forget band aids and just apply some mandarin oil over the affected areas! The properties of mandarin Oil make it a great antiseptic that can protect your wounds and prevent any infections from spreading. It forms a protective layer over the affected area and blocks any microbes from entering. Its antibacterial and antifungal capabilities help in keeping your wound safe from any germs or potential infections.

2. Relieves Spasmodic Pains

As adults, we often have to deal with various types of spasmodic pains such as muscle, bronchial and esophageal spasms. All of such pains are far from pleasant and can really hinder the normal routine of our everyday lives. Mandarin oil has antispasmodic abilities that can relieve such pains naturally with no side effects.


3. Good for Your Blood

Mandarin oil is really good for your blood and circulation. Mandarin oil helps purify your blood by removing toxic substances from your body via urine, sweat or fecal matter. This reduces the possibilities of diseases or disorders like skin acne and arthritis.

Using Mandarin essential oil also promotes better blood circulation that is great for your skin and your immune system. The warmth from the blood circulation is also highly beneficial for those dealing with arthritis or rheumatism. It also makes your skin glow and gives it a youthful feel. Proper and regular blood circulation is essential to maintaining good physical health.


4. Improves Digestion

There are times when we all suffer the consequences of overeating unhealthy food. This often leads to a series of painful stomach-grabbing moments. Using mandarin oil in such situations can relieve you of any pain. The oil helps improve your digestion process by easing the discharge of digestive juices and bile in your stomach. That's not all - the oil can improve your appetite so that you can maintain a balance in your eating habits.

DIY recipe for appetite regulation

Since mandarin oil stimulates digestive juices, it also strengthens the liver and improves its functionality. This is just another example of the multifaceted benefits of mandarin essential oil.


5. Stress Reliever

Stress is a part of an adult's everyday life, especially for city dwellers. The hectic, robotic and busy life can often get to us, and leave us feeling fatigued and depleted. In such cases, the use of mandarin oil via aromatherapy can do wonders. The oil is well known for its calming and relaxing effect that'll allow you to chill out better. Whether you're dealing with stress, bouts of hysteria, or even problems relating to epilepsy, using mandarin oil can help relieve and get rid of such issues. The best part is that the oil is a completely natural, side effect-free solution. It's also easy to use, so no matter how busy you are, you can always accommodate an aromatherapy session with the wonderful fragrance of mandarin oil.

6. Sedative

Sleep problems are far from uncommon. As a matter of fact, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, approximately 40 million people in the United States suffer from chronic long-term sleep disorders every year; with an additional 20 million people experiencing occasional sleep problems. These are no small numbers! It also highlights the fact that a large number of us are dealing with sleep issues on a regular basis.

Good sleep is essential to maintaining good physical and mental health, which is why we often resort to finding effective solutions for it. More often than not, we opt for pharmaceutical pills to help us sleep. What we often ignore is that these pills may be damaging to our health. It can also be addictive and may leave us with side effects in the long run. We should always search for natural alternatives that can combat such issues.

Being a stress reliever, it's no surprise that mandarin essential oil is also a great sedative. It's a natural healing solution, so there are no harmful side effects. Let mandarin essential oil help relax your senses, and provide you with the dose of sleep you need to stay healthy!


7. Fixes Up Your Stomach Problems

We've all had some problems in the stomach at one time or another. It could've been overeating, or it could've been finishing that leftover sugary cake. Some of us have had even more serious stomach problems such as infections or ulcers. Mandarin oil is highly beneficial for such cases. It can fight off any infections occurring in the stomach. By maintaining the pH balance in the stomach, this oil can help protect you from any stomach related disorders or ulcers.

DIY essential oil recipes

8. Helps Build and Maintain Your Body

Did you know that mandarin essential oil is a great facilitator for the growth of new cells and tissues? This is a fascinating characteristic which not only allows your body to heal any wounds quicker, it also promotes the healthier growth of the body. If you're thinking long-term health, mandarin oil is definitely one of those oils that can help you maintain great physical health when used regularly.


9. Tunes Up and Optimizes Your Health

Mandarin essential oil is an excellent tonic which brings a host of benefits. When used, the oil can help in optimizing your respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, circulatory, neurotic, excretory, nervous, and endocrine systems. Furthermore, it will not only boost your immune system, it will also allow you to improve your general health and maintain it.


10. Helps Fight Cancer

A unique benefit of mandarin essential oil is its characteristics that could help fight cancer. From various tests, it was found that mandarin oil had the ability to stop the growth of tumors. Such developments have the potential to bring in a treatment for cancerous cells and tumors. This is absolutely a huge breakthrough!


11. Other Benefits of Mandarin

We've highlighted some of the major benefits of using mandarin essential oil has, but this epic oil can be used in many more medicinal and beneficial ways:

  • Mandarin oil is really good for treating any form of skin disorders. The oil helps keep the skin healthy and helps maintain moisture balance.
  • Mandarin oil is great for all types of digestive issues including diarrhea and constipation.
  • Mandarin oil is also good for your body's aesthetics. It can help in removing or reducing scar marks, stretch marks and cracks from weight change.



Before you go ahead and dive into redeeming the various benefits of mandarin Essential Oil, please note that there are certain precautions that you may need to take.

  1. Sun Exposure: When under exposure to the sun, refrain from using mandarin oil as it can increase the risk of sun damage to the skin.
  2. Infants and Children: Always be cautious when using mandarin oil on children. It's best to take a professional's advice before using it on infants.
  3. Pregnant Women: If you're pregnant please ensure that you use mandarin oil under the guidance of a professional or doctor.
  4. Toxicity: Mandarin essential oil is non-toxic and non-irritant. It is also mildly photo-sensitizing. Do not take mandarin essential oil internally.
  5. Blending with other Essential Oils: You can make various blends by combining mandarin essential oil with other commonly used essential oils like ylang ylang, lime, patchouli, tangerine, and lemon.


How To Use Mandarin Essential Oil

There are many ways to use mandarin essential oil so that you can benefit from its properties. They are as follows:

You can use mandarin essential oil via a diffuser which will allow you to create a relaxing environment filled with the great smells of this citrus fruit.

You may inhale drops of mandarin oil directly from your palm to let the oil uplift and boost up your mood. You can also add it to your bath, which will not only be great for your skin but also make you feel fresher and happier.

You can use mandarin essential oil to create your own air freshener and spray in your home. It'll bring great mental benefits and make your house smell great!

Add several drop of mandarin essential oil to a clean damp washcloth and include in the dryer together with your linens. This will immediately freshen up the fabrics and infuse it with an uplifting scent.



Mandarin Essential Oil RecipesMandarin essential oil works well with other essential oils to produce added effects and benefits

There are various ways in which you can incorporate mandarin essential oil to your daily life. Here are just a few recipes you can do at home which will help you make the most out of this magnificent oil.

DIY Beauty Serum

This all-around serum can help reduce stretch marks, scars, and acne. Include this in your beauty routine and say goodbye to skin imperfections.



Mix mandarin, frankincense, tea tree, and bergamot essential oils straight into a glass bottle. Then add the rosehip and jojoba oils. Mix well before use. Use within 3 months for best results.

DIY Beauty Oil for Smoother Skin

This luxurious homemade formula will rejuvenate your skin for better complexion and youthful glow.



Add mandarin, helichrysum, lavender and neroli essential oils in a glass bottle, and then pour the rosehip and tamanu oils. Use within 3 months.

Invigorating Belly Massage Blend

Whenever you feel issues in your abdomen, use this belly massage oil to help relieve you of any pain.

Essential oils for calm tummy


  • 4 drops of mandarin essential oil
  • 2 drops of grapefruit essential oil
  • 2 drops of lemongrass essential oil
  • 2 drops of bergamot essential oil
  • 15 ml of carrier oil (marula oil or jojoba oil)


Add the essential oils in a clean glass bottle and then add the required amount of carrier oil. Mix gently before use. Use within 3 months for best results.

Relaxing Sleep Massage Blend

This essential oil blend will help you get a good night’s sleep. Just pour a few drops on your palms and massage over temples, behind ears, wrists, and the bottom of your feet for about ten minutes before going to bed.


  • 1 – 2 drops of mandarin essential oil
  • 12 – 14 drops of ylang ylang essential oil
  • 6 -7 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • 3 – 4 drops of cedarwood essential oil
  • 2 – 3 drops of patchouli essential oil
  • 15 – 20 ml grapeseed carrier oil


Mix the essential oils first in a glass bottle and add the carrier oil. Mix gently before use. Use within 3 months. All of the ingredients in this massage oil blend are considered safe for use by pregnant women. 

Fruity Roll-On Perfume Recipe

This is an easy non-toxic perfume recipe that can give you a happy boost whenever you need it. It smells great and fresh, which will repel all bad vibes away!


  • 5 ml roll-on bottle
  • 2 drops of tangerine essential oil
  • 3 drops of mandarin essential oil
  • 3 drops of ylang ylang essential oil
  • 2 drops of cedarwood essential oil
  • Liquid carrier oil (enough to fill your 5ml roll-on bottle, this can be fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, etc.)


Drop essential oils one by one into a bottle. Swirl it around to mix. Add 3 drops of your essential oil mixture to the 5ml roll-on bottle. Then add your carrier oil. Put the lid back on and roll the bottle between your hands to mix. Roll on to wrists and ears to smell this great aroma.

Note: This perfume recipe is not recommended for pregnant women and children. Do a patch test first to see if your skin is sensitive to this blend. Citrus oils are photo-toxic, so make sure that you don’t apply to large areas on your skin if you plan to go out and be exposed under the sun.

Spiritual Lift Blend

This blend is specially formulated for you to let go of all negativity during the day and find peace at this moment in time.

Add the following essential oils to a diffuser:

  • 10 drops of mandarin essential oil
  • 8 drops of cedarwood essential oil
  • 6 drops of lemongrass essential oil
  • 1 drop of sage essential oil

Aromatherapy Blend for Meditation

Meditation is one of the best techniques to combat stress and strengthen your being. Add the following essential oils to a diffuser whenever you need to meditate at home.

  • 8 drops of mandarin essential oil
  • 12 drops of cedarwood essential oil
  • 5 drops of patchouli essential oil

Happiness Blend

Add the following essential oils to your diffuser at home whenever you need a happy boost:

  • 1 drop of mandarin essential oil
  • 1 drop of rosemary essential oil
  • 1 drop of lemongrass essential oil

Chill Out Vibe Aromatherapy

Need to de-stress and unwind at the end of a long day? Use this chill out blend in your oil diffuser to get that much-needed pampering.

  • 1 drop of mandarin essential oil
  • 1 drop of grapefruit essential oil
  • 1 drop of patchouli essential oil

Check out a variety of essential oils you can use in the abovementioned recipes here in our shop.

If you’re looking for convenient and long-lasting bottles to contain your essential oil blends and recipes, check out this collection for the perfect solution.



Mandarin Essential Oil Discounted Bottles

We've taken a look at various uses and benefits of mandarin essential oil and how it can positively impact both our mental and physical health. Many essential oils tend to have this characteristic which is why their impact on general health should never be underestimated.

This sweet smelling oil may be a popular ingredient for perfumes and is a great mood booster, but we often ignore a lot of the positive mental health effects that the essential oil has!

Of the various essential oils out there, mandarin oil is definitely one of the most well-rounded oil among its peers. From being good for your skin, blood and internal circulatory systems to being a great mood booster, relaxant, and natural sedative, this oil definitely covers all the bases of general health and wellness.

A lot of people will absolutely be surprised by the many uses of mandarin essential oil! Why not give some of these wonderful essential oils a try? They might just change your life!

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