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Sage Essential Oil is the Ultimate Stimulant: Uses, Benefits and Precautions!

Sage, also known as Salvia officinalis, garden sage, dalmation sage, true sage and common sage is a herb that looks very much like a bush that grows bluish or purplish flowers.  The word sage originates from the Latin word "salvere" which means "to save". Sage definitely has characteristics that could save your health and its name's definition is further reaffirmed by its benefits and properties that contribute to positive health!

Sage is a subshrub which is a shorter, dwarf sized version of a shrub that is woodier at the base compared to the conventional shrub. Sage is not your ordinary herb; it is the source of a very powerful and amazing essential oil that may have the answers to a lot of your problems relating to your physical and general health!


The herb sage is native to the southern parts of Europe and has very deep roots that go ages back! In ancient times, sage was held with high regard and even went so far as to be considered a sacred herb by the Greeks and also the Romans who were the ones who brought the herb to Britain. Since there were no refrigerators back in the day, sage was often used for the preservation of various types of food and also meats so that they wouldn't go bad. It's not the herb that's just popular since back in the day; this nutty and spicy smelling oil was also extracted back then and used for its therapeutic benefits.

Sage oil is extracted from sage leaves via the process of steam distillation. Usually, sage is stored in airtight plastic bags and pounded with a mallet. The process is followed up by placing the now broken down sage leaves in a glass container with half a cup of any carrier oil of your choice. Once the container is sealed, it must be left alone for 2 days in warm conditions (preferably under the sun). This completes the process that produces the oil which is then to be separated from the leaves making it ready for use. If you’re in the market for high quality and completely pure and natural Sage essential oil, we have a great source that is hand-bottled right here in California!

Primarily known for its use in flavoring, cooking and in medicine, sage essential oil is home to a wide range of benefits. It's great for the skin and against skin problems, it possesses properties that can reduce inflammations and bring relief when you're going through a fever, it has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial characteristics, and can also provide relief from problems such as dysentery and other problems relating to digestion. This is no ordinary oil or essential oil, and its various uses deserve to be highlighted. The following are some of the properties of Sage essential oil that we believe you need to know:

Antifungal, Antimicrobial and Antibacterial Properties:

Fungus-related infections are no joke, and a lot of us have faced some skin problem or another whether mild or serious such as dermatitis or fungal infections such as dysentery.  Sage essential has antifungal properties because of it containing camphor and camphene in its composition which is why the oil is often used in skin care products.

These same elements also give Sage oil its antimicrobial properties and antibacterial properties. In case you get a cut or wounded on any part of your body, applying sage oil can prevent any infections occurring and spreading from the affected area by fighting away bacteria. This will allow your wound to heal better and faster! Sage oil is also great for healing bacterial infections that occur in other parts of your body including your ears, nose, throat, eyes, genitals, urethra, colon and your intestines.

Depurative Properties:

Toxins could enter our body for various reasons; it could be because of our surrounding environment or our diet and the foods we consume. The more toxins we have in our body, the greater the likeliness of diseases and illness. The definition of toxin according to Google is "an antigenic poison or venom of plant or animal origin, especially one produced by or derived from microorganisms and causing disease when present at low concentration in the body." So we should definitely try to get rid of them right?

Sage essential oil possesses depurative properties. This means that sage oil has the ability to purify your blood. It speeds up the removal of toxins from your body by excretion or by inducing sweating. Ridding your body of toxins is extremely beneficial and will help you maintain to maintain better physical health!

Expectorant Properties:

We all catch a cold or a bad cough once in a while. What happens in such cases is that we get sputum stuck in our respiratory tract as a consequence of infection. This is where expectorants can come in and help. Sage essential has expectorant properties and can induce the secretion of sputum through the air passages. This will not only provide you relief from colds and coughs, it can get rid of all the congestion in your respiratory tract that occurs as a result of catching a cold. The best part of all this, you're not depending on any over the counter medicine but can use this great natural alternative that exists in Sage oil!

Antioxidant Properties:

Everyone's body has free radicals which come around due to the consumption of unhealthy fried foods, alcohol or tobacco smoke. These free radicals cause damage to many cells in our body through the process of oxidation. Antioxidants protect the cells from the free radicals that could reduce the likeliness of heart diseases or even cancer!

Sage essential oil is an excellent natural antioxidant. Due to its ability to fight against free radicals in the body, it is great for your skin and is a natural anti-aging agent. Applying the oil can not only help you rid of skin related problems, it has the ability to reduce the early onset of various symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, sagging muscles or skin, weaker hearing and sight, memory problems or problems relating to functions of the brain, nervous system disorders and many other signs of getting older. We may not have found the fountain of youth, but this is the closest you could get to maintaining your youthfulness and great aesthetics!

Anti-inflammatory Properties:

When inflammation occurs, it means the body is fighting to remove any harmful stimulants for the purpose of healing such as pathogens, irritants or any damaged cells. This is the natural response of the body when something harmful is affecting it. Chronic inflammation can lead to a wide range of issues including asthma, ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease and much more. These problems will definitely hinder someone's everyday life and schedule!

Sage essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to reduce inflammations caused by fever, inflammations caused by toxic material in the bloodstream, inflammations on the skin, inflammations due to the consumption of spicy food or even intoxicants like alcohol or narcotics and any types of inflammations in the digestive system.

Choleretic Properties and Aids in Digestion:

Bile is a vital element of the digestion process as it contains bile acids that ensure smoother digestion and allows the absorption of fats in the small intestine.

Sage essential oil has Choleretic properties which mean that it can help stimulate the release of bile. By doing so the oil is able to aid with keeping the stomach and digestive system healthy while preventing any inflammations.

The bile also neutralizes any acidity in the stomach and in your blood. This helps in relieving problems like acidity which could otherwise lead to various other problems such as ulcers, or even skin related diseases that occur due to increased acidity levels in the blood stream. All these properties also make Sage oil an excellent natural digestive. The oil can help with indigestion as the food is decomposed better due to the presence of the bile. This also stops any microbial growth from occurring in the digestive system so your stomach stays happy!

Emmenagogue Properties:

Ovulation and menstruation are a regular part of any lady's life, and a healthy menstrual cycle is vital to the well-being of a woman! Sage essential oil has emmenagogue properties which allow it to release hormones such as estrogen that allow problem-free menstruation. That's not all, along with healthy menstrual cycles; the oil is able to relieve you of additional problems associated with menstruation such as feelings of nausea, weakness, fatigue, headaches, mood swings or depression.  Periods are no joke, so it's great that Sage oil is able to relieve some of the pains that women have to go through on a regular basis!

A Natural Laxative:

Constipation is painful, and it is a problem that most of us, if not all have gone through. Constipation may occur for a variety of reasons which include a change in your diet, eating disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, lack of fiber in your diet, stress and much more. Women going through a pregnancy may be constipated as well!

Usually, when we are constipated, we'd like to get back to healthy digestion as fast as possible. Sage essential oil is an awesome natural laxative. The oil stimulates your intestines and allows the release of certain fluids in your body that promotes excretion and can relieve you of your constipation and leave you pain-free! Forget all your over the counter laxatives, which by the way, if you overuse become ineffective over time. Switch to a natural alternative like Sage essential oil and never worry about digestive problems again!

That's not all, folks! From what we've discussed above, it's obvious that Sage essential oil is an extremely useful oil and can bring many benefits to your health and everyday life. Its properties help it fight against infections and it is especially helpful when it comes to problems relating to the digestive system.  Here are a few more uses for the oil:

  • It can help you manage various skin conditions such as dermatitis, herpes or psoriasis and issues with the respiratory system such as sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis.
  • It can provide relief and reduce the accumulation of phlegm.
  • It can provide relief from muscular pain, body pain or pain in the spine due to lumbago or sciatica.
  • It can provide relief from coordination conditions such as cerebral palsy.
  • It's a powerful stimulant and can help stimulate all the internal systems in your body including your nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, your liver and your brain.
  • Sage oil blends well with Lavender Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil and Spearmint Essential Oil.


Just like any other oil or medicine, there are precautions you must take if you're planning to use and integrate the natural benefits of Sage essential oil in your life. They are:

  • It is recommended that pregnant women do not use Sage essential oil. This is because the oil contains camphor and camphene which are toxic substances.
  • Since it stimulates the nervous system, it is not recommended to be used by someone is epileptic or has a history of epileptic attacks.
  • Always consult with a professional before using Sage essential oil in your everyday life.

Sage essential oil is a medicine of many kinds for many ailments, it is a jack of many trades and something you would be enticed to include in your everyday life if you knew of all the properties that it possesses that can bring great positivity into your life! Be it skin problems, or problems in your digestive system, even your respiratory system, sage oil has much to offer.

Unfortunately, our dependence on over the counter medicine and lack of knowledge about a lot of the great natural resources in the world is an example how out of touch we are with nature. If integrated into your life, Sage essential oil can truly be a lifesaver and great natural solution to many health problems that may come in your lifetime. As we become more aware of powerful essentials oils like sage oil, let us live our lives more naturally and organically as we are supposed to!



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