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Benefits of Oil

  • 12 Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits & Uses for a Healthy Lifestyle (Updated April 2020)

    Bergamot is one of those citrus fruits that has a nutrient-dense peel which can be extracted for its precious essential oil. It has many great benefits which make it a great must-have for every home.
  • Top Essential Oils for a Cleaner & More Fragrant Home (Updated April 2020)

    Aromatherapy and helping with physical ails aren’t all essential oils are good for. Their nature-concocted properties lend themselves well to making the air and various household surfaces smelling great while also making them spick-and-span down to the micro-level. Nearly every essential oil can be put to such uses, but some do stand out from the pack. In this article, we list our picks for the top six essential oils for household uses.

  • Traverse the Taiga with the Benefits of Siberian Fir Essential Oil (Updated April 2020)

    Not all fir essential oils are the same. The more common are made from Silver fir and White fir, and some, like Douglas fir essential oil, aren’t made from true firs at all. Aroma Foundry’s fir essential oil is made from A. siberica, also known as Siberian fir. It is indigenous to Russia and Canada, and the fresh scent produced from its strongly aromatic leaves is less citrus-y and more woody than other types. But what makes Siberian fir different from the others?