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Best Essential Oils

  • Shining the Limelight on Lime Essential Oil: Benefits, Uses, & More (Updated April 2020)

    For centuries, lime essential oil has been used in Chinese medicine to promote the digestion of fats and to improve the absorption of nutrients by providing food and fluid intake a smoother course through the stomach tracts. They held that this results in the detoxification of the body by way of flushing, as well as in the improvement of the flow of the body’s energy via the purification of blood.

  • 6 Best Essential Oils for Appetite Control and Weight Loss (Updated April 2020)

    There’s an essential oil for everything, as they say, and that also holds true for both appetite stimulation and appetite suppression. Allow us to tell you all about how, along with their impressive range of other benefits and uses, the six essential oils we listed in this article can also be effectively employed to regulate appetite.

  • Delving into Cedarwood Essential Oil: Facts, Benefits, and Uses (Updated April 2020)

    Essential oil from cedarwood is believed to be one of the first distilled by man. There’s plenty of existing evidence that tells of how early humans put cedarwood essential oil to various uses, taking full advantage of its antiseptic and sedative effects, among many others.

    For instance, recent findings suggest that despite the relative difficulty of extracting essential oils from cedar, Ancient Egyptians used substantial amounts of the precious nectar to embalm their dead. We can all take the well-preserved state of Egyptian mummies as proof of the strength of cedarwood oil’s insecticidal and antimicrobial properties.