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Sage Oil

  • 6 Best Essential Oils for Menstrual Cramps & PMS Symptoms (Updated April 2020)

    The most common physical symptoms of PMS that any female of childbearing age has experienced at least once include appetite changes, acne, bloating, breast tenderness, cramps, and fatigue. The emotional and psychological ones, on the other hand, include oversensitivity, depression, and irritability.

    The symptoms start appearing at the end of each ovulation cycle and lasts until menstruation ends. For the unlucky women who have irregular cycles, it often means that this black stretch of time can last for more than two weeks or even for months.

  • Saving Graces of Sage Essential Oil: Uses, Benefits, and Recipes (Updated April 2020)

    Sage has had thousands of years to prove its abilities, and the fact that it is still in use today is a testament to how beneficial it truly is. The Ancient Greeks and Romans held sage in high regard, and so does Aroma Foundry. We make sure that our sage essential oil is of the highest quality, because sage -- and our customers -- deserve the best treatment.