Cold-Busting 6-Pack

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Even outside the flu season, there’s sometimes no escaping the viruses that could knock even the healthiest of us down. If this happens to you often, relying on over-the-counter medicines might be fine now, but it won’t stay fine in the long run. Kill two birds with one stone by switching to an all-natural remedy in the form of essential oils—the six in Aroma Foundry’s pack could not only help bust the various symptoms of the common cold and flu, they may also serve to fortify your body’s defenses and help prevent more bugs from latching on.
Aroma Foundry’s Cold-Busting Essential Oils 6-Pack contains some of the best go-to natural solutions for helping ease the symptoms of common cold and flu. These are the balancing Basil Essential Oil from Vietnam, the warming Rosemary Essential Oil from Morocco, the soothing Sage Essential Oil from Croatia, the invigorating Patchouli Essential Oil from Indonesia, the refreshing Spearmint Essential Oil from the USA, and the fortifying Fir Essential Oil from Russia. Properly sourced and processed using the highest standards, these are all 100% pure, all-natural, and high-quality essential oils you can trust.

Cold-Busting Pack

Bust through your cold and get back on your feet with this essential oils 6-pack

Oils Included: Basil, Rosemary, Sage, Patchouli, Spearmint, Fir