Energy Boost 6-Pack

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We curated the best essential oils to give you that much needed energy boost any time of the day. These essential oils have mental, emotional and physical benefits that naturally improve your health and stamina. Take advantage of these multipurpose essential oils whenever you need to uplift your mood, enhance your mental capacity, or bring your best self to life’s biggest challenges. Aroma Foundry’s Energy Boost Pack can be your go-to aromatherapy set to fight fatigue and get an instant pick-me-up! This set includes premium quality Rosemary essential oil (Morocco), all-around uplifting Lemon and Tangerine essential oils (California Blend), vitamin-rich Grapefruit (Florida), aromatic Basil (Vietnam), and the powerfully refreshing Spearmint essential oil (USA). Be more confident and productive at work or while studying as you fight the blues away with this aromatherapy 6-pack!

Energy Boost

Boost your energy levels the natural way with Aroma Foundry’s Essential Oil 6-Pack.

Oils Included: Rosemary, Lemon, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Basil, Spearmint