Dream Time Collection 6-Pack

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Promote better sleep and holistic wellness with this 6-Pack Sleep and Relaxation oil set. These specially curated essential oils help induce sleep, promote uninterrupted slumber, and improve sleeping patterns. Besides sleep and relaxation, these oils have multitude benefits for better health and wellness. Relieve your stress, fatigue and anxiety through aromatherapy. Gain better mental capacity, emotional stability and physical stamina with these essential oils. Aroma Foundry’s Sleep Essentials Pack is your one-of-a-kind essential oils collection that will help you experience a deep and restful sleep. This pack includes the versatile Lemon essential oil (USA), highly treasured Ylang Ylang (Madagascar), all-around Bergamot (Netherlands), comforting Cedarwood (Texas), stress-relieving Mandarin (Italy), and calming Basil (Vietnam). Regain your energy level and feel more alive the next day with these essential oils that promote healthy sleeping patterns


Dream Time

An all-natural essential oils 6-pack carefully curated to help ease you into a peaceful sleep

Oils Included: Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Mandarin, Basil